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​​​​​​Our Mission as the United Methodist Church

Today we continue our devotion to creating disciples for Jesus Christ and making the good news available to anyone who desires to hear it. All preaching and teaching is grounded in Scri​pture, informe​d by Christian tradition, enlivened by personal experience and tested by reason. Along with other Christian denominations, we believ​​e in God - expressed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The United Methodist Church is part of the church universal. All persons, regardless of race, color, national origin, status or economic condition, are welcome to attend our churches, receive Holy Communion, and be baptized and admitted into membership.


Our Beliefs

The heart of our Christian faith is Christ's ministry of outreaching love. We are all called to minister wherever Christ would have us work to heal and free others. United Methodists believe in God's grace, which means the unearned and loving action of God in our daily lives. In spite of suffering, violence, and evil in the world, we assert that God's grace exists everywhere. Despite any circumstance, we remain creatures brought to life by a just and loving God. The reign of God is both a present and a future reality.

Today United Methodists comprise the second largest Protestant denomination in the United States. Our churches are connected by a system that guides our work and governs our policies. We continue to take the lead in spiritual, social, political, and moral concerns. In the tradition of John an​d Charles Wesley, our members study Scripture, encourage thoughtful debate, and confront the tough issues of the day. We still lead with our hearts, keep our minds open, and welcome everyone through our doors.
Our hearts, our minds and our doors are always open...
The people of The United Methodist Church